Why not add more to the Darren Uyenoyama kick I’ve been on lately.  

A nice series starting from a variation of an arm drag.  

Awesome display of jiu jitsu. Watch for the Darren’s camera point while on Kid’s back… classic.  

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A little more on Darren.  His video blog 3.  Can’t wait to watch… 

Speaking of watching, his fight is being streamed live on facebook.  Does anyone know if Facebook allows you to watch the fights after they are over?  

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Nice article featuring local fighter and instructor Darren Uyenoyama. Darren’s making his UFC debut against Kid Yamoto this weekend.  

Being from Bay Area, I’ve had a chance to train with Darren a handful of times over the years.  He probably has one of the best ground game of anyone I’ve rolled with.  Although he’snot a big guy, he can absolutely smash people.  If he can get Kid on the ground, I think he’s got a great chance.



Darren Uyenoyama’s video blog leading up to his fight with KID Yamamoto in the UFC next month. 

Pretty well crafted for a simple video blog. The rest of the UFC needs to take notes

Despite what preconceived notions about the San Francisco Bay Area there may be, this is a fight town. Darren’s one of many fighters from the Bay Area making names for themselves in the fight game.

Here’s the link to part I http://youtu.be/pw8SUdGDfOM